Many people, I’m sure you know a few, carry a backpack or handbag. Believe it or not, they seem to know something that others don’t. What could that be, you ask? Well, let me explain and hopefully you will come to appreciate why backpacks and handbags are one of the most important items you could own in terms of your everyday life. You might just be surprised.

Though, they may not be as fashionable as the hip messenger bag for men or whatever is in these days for women’s bags, backpacks and handbags offer something else that today’s “on-the-go” citizen can appreciate – flexibility and functionality. You might think the more style-friendly options I listed before provide this as well, but not in the way that a good, sturdy backpack does. Still not convinced? Here’s a few quick examples:

For light travel, unlike the a messenger bag or laptop bag, you can use a backpack or handbag for a weekend trip with your friends without the need for additional luggage or a carry-on.

Going to the gym during lunch or playing some hoops after work, stuff your change of clothes in your pack and your good to go. Leave the over-sized gym bag at home.