The Best Bag For Vintage Pottery Collectors and Creators

Pottery produces very beautiful items and the art on them makes every piece unique. However it can be really messy if you don’t organize your work. You need a potters tool kit which is able to carry all sculpting tools and a carrier appropriate for your tools and ceramic pieces.┬áCheck for a discount code for these on Left Coast Pottery Bauer Store

This is built with a heavy duty canvas and a heavy duty top so its able to carry heavy weight. It has 30 pockets which hold different tools and this makes your work easier since its well organized and you are able to access the tool easily. Once done with your project you are able to store all you items inside the stool. It keeps the clay moist so its always ready for use. Its lightweight makes it convenient for you to move around with it.
This is made of a thick breathable canvas and a reinforced bottom which enables it to carry maximum capacity. It has secure straps which hold your large items so they don’t fall. The robust steel wire frame divides the bag into two compartments and this secures your ceramic pieces. (like Bauer pottery pieces)
It has 17 different pockets of various sizes which are designed to hold various potter’s tools. Its wooden handle gives a firm grip enabling you to carry the bag comfortably.